Plexpack / Sustainability

Interested in sustainable packaging? So are we!  

In recent years the packaging industry has been named one of the main contributors to climate change. While packaging adds convenience to our daily lives, it also brings about significant issues, issues we face today concerning environmental degradation. As consumer demand for sustainability grows, our industry is required to change.  

Plexpack is committed to being a part of that change.  

Our sustainability commitments


As a member of the packaging community, we believe we have a responsibility to educate ourselves on our industry’s impact and advocate for its betterment. We are committed to keeping ourselves informed of the latest in green technology and packaging and how we can incorporate these into our business. With this knowledge, we aim to be a resource for our customers to pursue sustainable packaging solutions. 


We are dedicated to building relationships with producers of sustainable materials. These partnerships will allow us to familiarize ourselves with emerging, sustainable technologies and to understand how these materials partner with our machines. We hope these partnerships will also aid in these materials’ success and their adoption into the packaging industry.  

Sustainable Materials

Driven by growing global concern for the environment and consumer demands for best practices, sustainable packaging is a rapidly growing and ever-innovative industry. Whether it’s flexible or rigid, metal or paper, there are people all over the world developing exciting alternatives to these conventional packaging materials. Which raises questions: how is the packaging industry-changing now, and what will it look like in the future? 

With an increasing number of our customers interested in using sustainable packaging products and increasing global initiatives to reduce plastic use and waste, we want to understand how sustainable packaging influences our business and yours.  

Understanding our role in successfully implementing these materials is the first step in our commitment to sustainability. As a company, we value innovation and integrity; we believe investing our resources into integrating these solutions into our industry aligns with our company values.

Stay tuned for more updates as we build commitments, partnerships, and initiatives for a sustainable Plexpack!