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Product Spotlight: Damark Instawrap

By | News, Shrink Packaging | April 21st, 2021 | Comments (0)

The Damark Instawrap is our automated, full-enclosure, dual-side sealer shrink wrapping solution. Ideal for numerous applications including corrugate, construction material, automotive parts & accessories, and packaged furniture where high throughput of large products is required. While we have been making this machine for a decade, we are always making improvements to our designs to meet the needs of all our customers.

Here’s Paul Irvine to tell you about the benefits and latest updates of the Damark Instawrap:

Video Transcript

[0:02:14] Hi my name is Paul Irvine, i’m the chairman of the Plexpack group of companies. It’s my pleasure to share with you today some of the exciting changes we’ve made to Damark’s instawrap machines over the last year.

[0:20:28] For those who know this equipment you’ll know that this is a dual side sealer system. It uses flat fold film in order to run for longer lengths of time, and it is generally used in low profile applications where there’s high speeds and high demands on your production environment- 24/7 is what this machine is all about.

[0:41:17] This machine has been built for approximately the last 10 years and has run tens of millions of bundles in different applications. The exciting changes I’m about to share with you is our latest and greatest. So let me share them now.

[0:58:10] First thing I’d like to point out is our stainless and anodized aluminum construction. The stainless is welded tubular steel; there’s no bolting in our case. This makes for the strongest most rigid frame you can get.

[1:14:29] Another thing you’ll notice is the guarding you can see Plexiglas pieces all over the machine. They of course come with safety interlocks. We’re happy to work on that with your particular safety environment. But you’d want to know that we’ve improved these things on every machine we’ve made over the last 10 years.

[1:36:08] Another thing you’d want to know is the belting. As you can see this is plastic link-style belting, and as many of you will know by having this type of belting we can improve speeds and feeds on our machine in conjunction with our servos. This machine now has nine servos and that’ll be run all through our B&R control system. Accurate conveying means accurate packaging.

[2:03:10] Above me you’ll see our integrated jib crane. This has been made more robust because of its stainless steel construction and because of the motor we use. You may know that when you use a system like this it’s largely dictated by floor space. By having a system like this we can decrease the overall footprint of the machine.

[2:26:14] And next is our continuous motion seal head. With the nine servos in this type of configuration we can take very large packages and run them well over 20 a minute.

[2:43:29] All right and finally there’s our control panel which could be our most important update. This control panel allows us to program in different languages, it allows us to put recipes in place, it allows us to externally monitor the machine and deal with maintenance issues if we can’t come to your factory given COVID or other issues that we’re dealing with today. There’s predictive maintenance that are features that are programmed in, and there’s security and firewalls that are also part of this system.

[3:18:04] It’s a fantastic upgrade. Too many things to go into and again if you have that type of interest see our other video which you’ll see in a link.

[3:2:27] Thanks for watching this short video on Damark’s new Instawrap machine. If you’re interested in anything we’ve been talking about please visit our website at or give us a call at 1-800-265-1775

[3:41:16] We have many great things to share about this machine and we’d love to work with you. Thanks again.


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