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Products and Services

Plexpack Corporation is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom flexible packaging machinery solutions. We deliver high quality, innovative solutions and certain results for customers worldwide. Our Emplex Bag and Pouch and Damark Shrinkwrap and Bundling Systems provide industry leading performance and flexibility.

Our modular systems are easy to install, maintain and expand. We work closely with our customers to manufacture solutions that meet their unique needs, products, and budget. Our systems are made to order to meet the highest standards—yours.

Bag Sealing and Automatic Bagging Solutions

provide consistent, strong hermetic seals that keep your products pure, fresh, and secure. They are plug and play with a wide selection of add-ons for specific applications, such as barcode print and reject systems, vacuum seal and gas flush, conveying and robotic handling. Emplex sealing systems are proven reliable in a wide range of applications and environments. Models include Validatable, Automatic, Semi-Automatic, Continuous, Industrial, Portable, Hot Air, and Vacuum seal solutions.

Shrink Packaging Solutions

provide precise wrapping, seal formation and heat application for consistent strong, visually appealing packages with fewer rejects. Damark solutions provide superior performance in a wide range of applications, including single products, bottles and jars, multipacks, boxes, trays, supported items, unstable, unsupported items, unusual shapes, sizes or difficult to wrap products. Damark Shrink Wrap and Bundling Systems include Semi-Automatic and Fully Automatic L Bar Sealers and Sleeve Wrappers; Heat Shrink Tunnels; Shrink Bundlers and Tray Wrappers.