Bag Sealers & Shrink Wrap Machines For Pet Food

Why you need a good seal:

Packaging is one of the most important things for pet-industry manufacturers.  Pet owners want to know that the product they are buying is sealed properly so their pet food or treats are as fresh as possible. No one wants to buy a new 50 lb. bag of pet food to find that it has lost its freshness and nutrients. Dogs and cats are less likely to eat food that has lost its flavour due to poor packaging, and when pets don’t eat their food, owners will look to other brands to keep their beloved animals happy and well-fed.

That is why we at Plexpack believe the seal and internal atmosphere are the most important parts of pet food packaging.  The correct seal and reliable vacuum gas flush can make all the difference when it comes to keeping pets and their owners pleased with their chosen pet food. That’s where we come in. Our team of packaging specialists can help you figure out which of our products can give your packaging the best seal and dramatically reduced interior oxygen levels.  Whether you are looking for modified atmosphere packaging or improving the quality of your bag seals, Plexpack has a solution for your business.

Often, we have customers who are concerned about getting good seals on their pet food or treat bags. We at Plexpack can happily say that we have a large and ever-expanding portfolio of pet food and pet industry applications. We have worked with many different types of bags from gusset bags to handle bags. In the pet industry, we find gusset bags to be the most popular; however many business owners come to us, frustrated and confused about how to efficiently and reliably seal their bags.


Gusset and/or tab bags can be some of the most challenging to seal at fast speeds because these bags are 4-5 times thicker in the area of the gusset. gusset bag image

Gusset bags are commonly used for bulk pet food bags (up to 50 lbs) and are also frequently used in the coffee industry. Plexpack is pleased to say we have continuous success sealing these types of bags on our MPS 7500, MPS 7503, Vacpack, MPS 7500-3HZ, and MPS 14000 series sealers.

Case Study:

A prospect of ours was having trouble sealing 6 mil gusseted, pet food bags at speeds of 15 bags per minute.

His bag sizes ranged from 2lbs to 50 lbs.

To investigate, we asked the customer to send his bags to our facility in Toronto to see where the issue was arising. We ended up advising him on his entire bag sealing project, recommending that he increase the heating portion of the sealing process; this would ensure the gusseted bags spent enough time under heat while still being sealed at fast speeds. The product we were able to recommend to the customer was, therefore, our MPS 7100-3HZ because this product has 3 heating zones. The customer was so happy with our findings and the sealed bags that we returned to him, that he purchased both our MPS 7100 and an MPS 7100-3HZ.

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