Plexpack / Bag Sealers & Shrink Wrap Machines For Automotive Fitting Solutions

Bag Sealers & Shrink Wrap Machines For Automotive Fitting Solutions

Genuine Performance

Plexpack understands automotive packaging. Manufacturers have diverse products with a wide range of needs. Plexpack has a long history of delivering high performing, cost-effective solutions for the automotive industry. Our systems precisely package a wide range of product types, sizes, shapes, weights, and SKUs. Our Emplex Bag Sealing and Damark Shrink Packaging and Bundling solutions deliver exceptional package integrity, functionality and product protection at price points to fit any budget. We build flexible solutions that are easy to changeover and operate.

Solutions That Fit

The Plexpack team works closely with you to understand your needs and assure you receive outstanding performance and value. We build standard and custom solutions to fit nearly any automotive packaging need, from the bulkiest, hard to package products down to the smallest parts and accessories. Our machines are available as manual, semi-automatic, and automatic systems depending on your production requirements. We have a great deal of experience in automotive packaging, having worked on packaging applications for:

  • automotive parts
  • filters
  • gas cans
  • fluids
  • insulation
  • truck boxes
  • accessories
  • care products and much more.

Plexpack systems are easily configured with a variety of options or infeeds, conveyors, and robotic handling systems to achieve the package type, throughput and product handling you require.

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If you don’t see your automotive application or need help finding the right solution for your needs, contact us or use our Bag Sealing or Shrink Packaging Customization Tool.